Monday, May 15, 2006

Stuck on...

Julie's latest entry, Stuck On Saturday, is appropriate. I grok where she is coming from, but I picked up on a subconscious nuance of her theme. "Stuck on Saturday" means to me that there is freedom. Saturdays for most people are free days, days free from "work". I am going through some sort of similar experience to Julie. The old belief structures are dying and whatever is supposed to arise to replace them hasn't formed yet. So, there is freedom. Perhaps that is all that is meant to replace the "Old" - complete freedom from concepts and beliefs that limit me as a human being.

What next? Will I then, always be "Stuck on Sundays"? In such an intense joy and bliss that I will be unable to describe the experience? Or, is that experience only to be felt by those whose transformation is complete and sudden, practically mystical, like Tolle and Jesus? Regardless of what the future holds, I am not there yet. But, I am not alone either. There is some comfort in that knowledge and it is also nice to be able to give comfort to another human being who is undergoing whatever it is we are both going through. It is a comfort to have a fellow pilgrim on this narrow path. Or maybe, a better metaphor is that we are both at a similar spot on our ascent to the Mountaintop.
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