Sunday, January 30, 2005

The time has come....., or has it?

I hope that the Iraqis go to the polls today. It is said that the Sunnis aren't participating. They have the most to lose, especially if they DON'T vote. The Shias and the Kurds will vote and have more say in the National Assembly. If they and we were smart, we'd ensure that Iraq is a republican form of government with three states - a Kurdish, Sunni and Shia state. Each state with equal representation and say in the government and governmental process. Will it ever be, or will it sink to hatred and death and madness and despair?
Heaven knows how they have all suffered, but will they put away their hatreds and prejudices and try to rebuild their society, or will it be blown up around them. Will one group be victorious and kill or subjugate the other two? Sometimes I wish that the earthquake that devestated Aceh in Indonesia had hit Iraq instead. Everyone would then see how silly their feuds and fights are compared to the might and power of the Earth itself. We forget how bad Nature can be sometimes in our arrogance. That earthquake that shook the Indian Ocean was 13 Gigatons. Makes our nuclear arsensals seem small. What does it take to make men awaken from their madness....a natural disaster that threatens us all?
Good luck Iraq! You'll need it!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

What to say

This is embarassing in a fashion. I stumbled into this site via the OpenSolaris web site ( I was just going to post a comment on another member's blog and the registration created a blog for me. Well, the SOHO Project at NASA is having a contest. The person who correctly guesses when the sateliite will spot the 1000th comet will win a prize. Heck, I'd be happy if NASA would just have the guts to fix Hubble without getting the White House involved. Guess I'll play with this tomorrow. heaven knows I have the spare time. My "new" job probably won't kick in until some time next week. My time of playing with Knoppix and Debian Linux will soon come to an end. So will the free time with my two little female calico cats. Well, that's why I got two of them so that they could keep one another company while I was working my ass of paying for their cat food, litter and treats. :-) If you stumble on this blog, go to www. and peruse his site. I got fired from my last job for recommending his book to a co-worker. Strange days. :-)

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