Tuesday, October 30, 2018


People are making a big deal out of the election. Vote Republican. Vote Democrat. You should vote for what's best for the country, your fellow citizens, and yourself, in that order. There's an old joke and I'll modify it now. What is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? Answer: The name. Many of us voted for a Democrat in 2008 and he ran a Republican Administration. Many of us didn't vote for Hillary because she had the Democratic Party rig the primary election so that she would win and Bernie Sanders lose. But, there were other odious reasons as well. She ran an incompetent campaign for one. Truth is that you are generally voting for Republican Crony Capitalism whether you vote Republican or Democrat these days and it's been that way since Reagan probably, and Bill Clinton certainly. When you walk in to vote, vote for change, good change. Don't vote for hate or money. Vote for love, kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness.
We as a nation, as a people, and as a species have to change. If we don't, we will go extinct because things can't keep going the way they are going. If we don't limit our numbers and appetites, Nature will limit us, or we'll kill ourselves in a nuclear conflagration. This would be sad, because the Rapture is near. For some of us, the Rapture has happened already. A rapture is an intense joy due to the certainty that God exists and the experience of His Love for us. The Rapture is Humanity expressing that Joy and experiencing that Love collectively. Some would call it the Second Coming. The next evolutionary step of humans is psychological and spiritual. It is a change in perspective. We must make a choice though. We must choose, Life, Love, and God. The alternate choice is in front of us with a new Cold War despite the fact that the USSR is dead; Russia is a capitalist society, and so is China. This way lies Madness and Death. If you want proof, two weeks ago, a man walked into a consulate and didn't walk out, but our President has decided that that ally can do no wrong because there's too much money at stake.
So vote your heart this day, every day. Vote for Sanity and Love and Life.

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