Saturday, March 26, 2005

Finally Got a Job!

The Universe/God ( the Universe is a temporary aspect of God - what Tolle calls the Manifested, what is "God" is the Unmanifested and Manifested - hence everything is sacred ) has granted me the privilege of a job again. Hopefully, I will be able to have some security for a little while longer. My mind is still in control and I must accept that fact and that I am not yet enlightened. I still fear. I am not sure what the future holds. I am thinking that I should return to my ex-wife and share what's left of my life with her although I wonder if that too is wishful thinking and a trap by my mind. The house is a financial drain in the short run and only saves you money once it's paid off. It will take probably 13 more years to pay off if I return to her and that's assumming that both of us keep our jobs for that period of time. Well, I have not made up my mind yet and returning to her is in the future although it feels right and I should probably go with the feeling since that is the "real" me speaking. The Kingdom of God is all around us, yet we do not see it! All it takes is a change of perspective and we would see it all the time, yet we don't because we imagine differently. Funny how certain acid heads "know" this, yet our society isn't enlightened enough to have trained psychiatrists use LSD as a theraputic drug to allow people to know themselves. Then again, some shrinks probably aren't interested in curing their patients because their sources of income would dry up. Most of the pharms aren't interested for the same reasons although there will always be sick people until the Second Coming of Christ. The Second Coming of Christ is not a man or woman. If that were true, Eckhart Tolle is the closest to that now. As he explains it, The Second Coming of Christ is the Enlightenment of all of Humanity. That is the next step in our evolution. Our last step was the evolution of the mind as a survival tool. Unfortunately, the mind developed into the egoic mind or maybe it has always been that way. Whatever the case, we need to evolve to the next stage annd that means freeing ourselves from our minds. The next stage is necessary but our individual and collective minds do not wish to relinquish control. I reflect on this this Easter. I wish things were progressing further along the path to Enlightenment for myself and humanity quicker before the World gets sicker and things get worse. If one were to reflect back on the last 50 years, one would see that the quality of people's lives have no improved significantly and our air and water quality have deteriorated - The Tragedy of the Commons! When the Inuit have the highest levels of contamination in their bodies and they are some of the cleanest living people on the planet, that is an indication that we are poisoning ourselves!

Happy Easter!

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