Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Mountaintop

All people are striving to ascend to the summit of Truth. The mountain is covered with climbers at its base. The ranks thin significantly the higher one goes. Some strive alone. Some are couples. Some are whole families. As one climbs, one notices that there are people all around, some above, some below, some at the same level, each progressing at his or her own pace. Occasionally, one sees small and large groups of people on a small plateau or ledge inviting others to join them - telling the newcomers that they inhabit the summit. Yet one can see that while closer than most, they are still not at the summit. Most help one another up the mountain, though sometimes, you see people pushing others back down the mountain. Sometimes, you see people ascend the summit in miraculous leaps and bounds, practically flying, as they surrender to what is. The higher one goes, the more beautiful the experience. Sometimes, the view of the summit is obscured by the fog of thoughts and time. In a clear timeless moment, one can see the summit and feel the love all around. One strives to point the summit out to those close by, yet knows that their climb is uniquely their own - their unique experience. Few want or desire help.
This is a lovely and powerful image, John. I feel led to direct people to it. My wife thinks in terms of images like this, and she will appreciate it.
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Lovely post connected to what you said. As a seeker myself I can relate to this very well.
Very nice John.
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