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A Cheap, Safe Anti-Cancer Therapy Effective Against the Majority of Human Cancers

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor or a pharmacist. This is not a
medical prescription. I am a former molecular biologist with prostate
cancer and a variation of this cocktail is killing my prostate cancer.
I am not endorsing any company or product either. I am only telling
you from my experience and knowledge what will work. Do not stop any
cancer treatment you are currently on. What you may want to do is
supplement it with this one.

This should be an effective over-the-counter combinatorial
chemotherapy regime for the majority of cancers. There are caveats. I
will list the ingredients and dosages first:

Drug or Supplement                                       Daily Dosage
Aspirin                                                             2 350mg pills
Resveratrol                                                     2 500mg pills
Quercetin                                                        2 500mg pills
ECGC (green tea extract)                               2 500mg pills
Indole-3-carbinol                                             2 200mg pills
Sodium dichloroacetate                                  2 grams powder or pills (available at or

Take 2 grams of the DCA once per day for 2-3 weeks. Mix the powder with water and
drink it. Except for sodium dichloroaceate and aspirin, the effective
optimum dosage of the other ingredients is unknown. However, after 1-2
weeks, your body should be saturated anyway.  You should discontinue
taking the sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) after 2-3 weeks for a period
of 2-4 weeks* because the sodium dichloroacetate induces peripheral
neuropathy. The neuropathy will take affect much sooner with this dosage,
but it is more effective. Discontinue taking the DCA immediately if you
suddenly become very weak such as your heart feels funny. Continue
taking the other ingredients as they will not cause any harm to your system.
After 2-4 weeks or longer, start taking the DCA again unless the DCA is causing
tremors in your hands and fingers. You may have to find the dosage that 

works for you and your cancer. You have to go off the DCA with this mix
periodically so that your nerves can heal. You can take the other ingredients

For cancer prevention, take the first 4-5 ingredients daily with the 
mitoQ supplement ( Your mileage may vary.


The reasoning is complex due to molecular biological reasons, but the
research is very sound. The short answer to why this works is

1. The DCA inhibits aerobic glycolysis to an extent which is the
energy supply of the cancer cells thereby starving them. It turns on
the mitochondria which sense something is amiss and signal the cell to
commit suicide.
2. Quercetin and resveratrol make the cells think they are starving
and promote autophagy. This mimics caloric restriction which has been
proven to extend lifespan in many organisms from yeast to mammals
including primates.
3. Aspirin is known to reduce the incidence of colorectal cancers
possibly by COX2 inhibition or other mechanisms.
4. Quercetin and sulforaphane together have been shown to have an
enhanced ability to kill pancreatic cancer stem cells in vitro.
5. Aspirin and resveratrol together have been shown to have an
enhanced  ability to kill abnormal tetraploid cells, especially
abnormal cells derived from the gut. For cancers to spread, they
usually have to have multiple chromosomes, a state called aneuploidy,
as one of the conditions. Once cancer cells spread, the condition is
usually terminal.

The sodium dichloroacetate is the main actor in killing the cancer. It
can kill most cancers by itself alone. However, the quercetin

will likely enhance its effectiveness many times over.
The aspirin and resveratrol will kill any cells that have multiple
chromosomes thereby making it less likely the cancer will spread if it
is localized. The latter four compounds will likely kill most cancer
cells on their own, or at least slow their growth to a significant
extent through induction of autophagy. What we are doing here is very
simple. We are killing cancer cells by hitting molecular targets at
multiple sites. If we just use one drug, like sodium dichloroacetate,
we will be selecting for survivors. We are hitting cancer cells in up
to five different places, so the likelihood of any survivors, is
effectively zero. This is why chemotherapy consists of two or more
drugs. Doctors learned the hard way that trying to kill cancer with
one drug is usually futile with fatal results for their patients.

1. There has been no clinical trials of this regime and there never
will be in the United States or any other advanced country. So, I only
have the medical literature and my own experience to go on.
2. With certain advanced cancers like pancreatic cancer, the chances
of this regime being completely effective are unknown. By the time one
is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the person is at a terminal
advanced stage. The problem with pancreatic cancer is that the
cachexia (wasting) weakens them to the point that traditional
chemotherapy is ineffective. The cachexia is due to cancer-induced
methionine starvation. That said, the latest medical research suggests
that quercetin and sulforaphane together effectively kill pancreatic
cancer stem cells.

* This is a guesstimate. I have mild DCA-induced neuropathy and I just
went off DCA after three months use. It is supposed to be reversible.
But, this neuropathy is not a bad side effect compared to the effects
of traditional chemotherapy which are pretty brutal.

This protocol cannot be patented, but it is effective. It does work because it
has controlled my cancer for over two years.

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