Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three Good Movies

I've seen three good flicks courtesy of the Sundance TV Channel: Flame and Citron, The Spanish Apartment, and The Russian Dolls. Flame and Citron (Flame and Lemon) is the story of two Danish assassins in WWII. They were hunted and killed by the Gestapo, but they took quite a few Germans and Danish collaborators with them. The Spanish Apartment is a French dramedy about European students living in Barcelona, Spain for a year. It's funny and illuminating and shows how Europe as a whole is becoming a nation without borders at least culturally. This includes Russia, hence the name of the movie The Russian Dolls since travel between Russia and Europe is rather easy these days. The Russian Dolls is the sequel to The Spanish Apartment. If I could find a woman like Wendy in The Russian Dolls, I'd be a happy man.


Hi John

I find foreign films and series so different, fresh and interesting - especially those from Scandinavia (including Denmark) and Poland.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was great. Originally from Sweden then remade in the US.

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