Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Must Look for Beauty

I was talking to a friend the other day and she said something profound. She said, "One must look for beauty here". I live in a desert now and it is rather harsh and rugged. There is beauty all around us, but one must look closely and pick it out. A flower here, a flower there. A mockingbird singing. It is likely that way in the human world as well. One must look for beauty. While everyone is beautiful within, many hide their inner beauty because they've been taught to do so for whatever reason. Or, they are angry, sad, or upset for any number of reasons, especially in these troubling times. We are all flowers. Some bloom early, some bloom in midlife, and others bloom in late life. Many never bloom at all. But, one should try to find the beauty in another. After all, it was once there when the person was a babe.


Looks quite deserty http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-20493512/stock-photo-desert-landscape-from-miller-peak-towards-the-east-sierra-vista-arizona-and-the-mexican-border.html

I wonder what kind of kids Hitler and Stalin, even Gengis Khan (a little bit Buddhist?) were. Were they born bad or good then conditioned by their surroundings?

As I'm a bit much of a cynic finding the beauty in another doesn't come naturally - but its something I should remember.

Lost too many wives and lovers by being cynical.

Love and beauty are elusive things as are women's minds and what's going on in them. People usually reciprocate kindness, so if someone you care about doesn't reciprocate your kindness, something's wrong. So, it helps to observe and take a risk of the heart. If you lose, at least you tried. If you win, you and the other person have come out ahead provided you both share and have trust in one another.

Being cynical was part of your old job description and has served you well. You just need to turn it off now and then. However, a lot of women do not value highly intelligent men. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps they are threatened.

Sorry about the first comment. It got lost in moderation. GK wasn't Buddhist. The Mongols believed in animal spirits and other stuff. Environment has a lot to do with it. It's not all genes, though if you are born a psychopath, it's probably easier to become a monster.

This is actually a nice area to live. The monsoon in July and August really make the summers nice here.

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