Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making Fun of Something Which is Not Inherently Funny

I'm going to be ill. Two tier justice in play.



I'm not up on the latest about Strauss Kahn.

I though he was freed because the case was thrown out due to the maid's false accusation.

But do people feel it was a case of legal privilege for the rich and powerful?

As I understand it, while the DNA evidence backs up the maid, she was tainted by shady associations and she lied to prosecutors about portions of her past. So, she was considered too big of a risk on the stand to testify. As I understand, the accusations were never false. It was the victim's reputation which was questioned.
Hopefully all the fallout on DSK will amount to a substantial sentence.


I was given the sense that he was going to walk away a free man whose political future is ruined. Perhaps that is the only price he will pay. With sexual predators, there is usually a string of victims, and since there have been no others coming forward, though they may all be overseas, it appears that he will be given plenty of reasonable doubt in this one instance.


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