Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NHK Reports That the Exposed Fukushima Workers Received Fairly Low Doses

NHK World has reported that the workers who were exposed Sunday received less than 150 mSieverts. Two men were standing in water up to their ankles and that all three received beta radiation burns. None of the workers had ingested or inhaled any radioisotopes. Had the men been wearing waterproof Wellington boots (rain boots), they would likely not have even suffered any significant exposure. (Beta particles can be blocked by clothing. The higher the energy, the thicker protection one needs.) These men came in contact with the radioactive water which shouldn't have happened. Shame on TEPCO for not providing adequate clothing and protective gear to their employees. Shame on the MSM for over-exaggerating the workers' exposure.


Its so hard to know how much Tepco or the Japanese government know about the radiation in and around the reactors..

Whether the 30km evacuation zone is precautionary or whether there's major danger.
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