Monday, June 21, 2010

The Real Science Gap is in Demand, Not Supply

Miller-McCune has a great article about The Real Science Gap. Basically, the U.S. has an oversupply of scientific talent and few jobs available for the scores of graduates. Except for this article, you wouldn't know this state of affairs from the MSM. I used to joke that I was insourced before I was outsourced. There is a huge influx of foreign graduate students and postdocs who Americans have to compete with for jobs once they graduate or finish postdoctoral appointments.

One director of postdoctoral affairs at an unknown university put the problem in this context. The main difference between postdocs and migrant agricultural laborers, he jokes, is that the Ph.D.s don’t pick fruit.


Overqualification can even happen at the Masters level.

Seems that personal networking ability or good old fashioned nepotism is the key to success.

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