Friday, June 18, 2010

Fauxtography and the "Islamic Peace Activists"

It's stupid to bring a knife to a gunfight. It's reprehensible to make idiots look like heroes. I'm not saying Isreal didn't make a mistake in the way it handled the peace flotilla, but soldiers are trained to survive and if you have a gun, and some idiot is attacking you with a knife, your training kicks in and you shoot him, politics be damned. The same holds true for police. Shooting unarmed people is murder. Shooting armed people attacking you is self defense. The same would hold true for the boaters if the Isrealis had been pirates. However, the boaters provoked the violent Isreali response. Had they stayed nonviolent, the body count would have been lower and Isreal would have had much more soul searching to do for killing peaceful, nonviolent protestors. If the protestors were violent and anything, but peaceful, what did Isreali troops do that was wrong if their lives were in danger? Committing violence for peace is an oxymoron. Such an act does not help your cause either, because one has lost the moral and spiritual high ground.


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