Sunday, March 07, 2010

Blammed by the Chinese

My blog got spammed, or is that blammed, last night at 10:01 P.M by donna (aka blogger profile 08751726570823892215). This has been happening for at least 4 weeks and maybe longer. At least a Google search shows 4 week old code.

Same code found via Google.

Looking at the code, it is unicode. Since Windows handles unicode differently than Linux does, I was a bit concerned that it could be some sort of unicode shellcode for exploiting a Windows system through the browser. I need not have worried. Clicking on the link via the Windows version of Firefox led me to a Chinese porn site. web page displaying Chinese porn.

I confirmed this on my Linux system as well. I'm rather disappointed in more ways than one since there wasn't any decent porn displayed as a reward for curiosity. (I guess I should be grateful that it wasn't gay porn or something worse.) I was hoping for something a bit more cutting edge as far as browser exploits go rather than a Chinese HTML porn link. (If the site was malicious then my Windows XP Pro virtual machine just got compromised.) What made it annoying was that I had to delete all of the spam/blam comments from my blog. I certainly feel like I've been blammed electronically.


Hey John

Sorry to hear about your blamming And that the porn was substandard.

There must be ways to improve quality.

I got spammed by the same person on my educational blog, many many times. Has that nation thought that maybe the world does not like them because of spamming!
Dr. Miller,

It's capitalism in it's purest essence, trying to scam a buck without any concern for others. The Chinese are just the latest victims to be seduced by greed which is all too human. I'm sorry who were a victim as well. Hopefully, Google and are enforcing their usage policies and are not tolerate of such behavior. Unfortunately, it's too easy to set up another blogger account and use the same program with the new account to continue their advertising scheme. I don't wish to turn on moeration, but I may have to to thwart these people.


Dr. Moore
I turned on moderation. This is a pity as I want my blog to be for teachers to vent their frustration anonymously, in addition to supporting them in their teaching using a particular series of textbooks. Look at Best wishes
You can always turn moderation off after an arbitrary period of time if you see no activity. Alternatively, you can suggest teachers create monikers such as "Anonymous Coward" for their accounts in the meantime. Google doesn't care what you call yourself. Unfortunately, they can still track you unless you adopt something like Google Sharing ( or tor.
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