Monday, January 18, 2010

The Soul Effect

The New Testament talks about the instance of a woman touching Jesus in order to be cured. Jesus felt the energy flow from him and inquired about the person responsible. Eckhart Tolle writes and speaks about people who attend his talks just to be in his presence. Tolle also mentions, in The Power of Now, that Jesus is said to have awakened whole villages just by his arrival. The Enlightened individual is a fount of Higher Consciousness energy. There is no name for this phenomenon in Western culture. The closest Western term is hierophany. The Indians call this Higher Consciousness energy field Darśana - the energy field emitted by an atman darshan (a holy soul or saint). Deepak Chopra discusses atman darshans and darsana on page 36 of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. He had an uncle who would take him to see such people and he describes the effect these gurus/saints/teachers had on him. Haven't you felt another's energy as they have entered a room, how they were like a "ray of sunshine"? Tolle was described metaphorically this way by a recent interviewer. (Apology - I can't find the online newspaper article I read.)

The reason I bring this subject up is that this soul effect seems to be largely ignored or dismissed in the West. If fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions are contagious, aren't their opposites as well? Can't happiness, contentment, and joy be infectious as well? I'm not speaking of optimism. That's just disguised hopeful delusion because it posits a better time compared to a less better present in some future moment. I'm speaking of the knowledge or certitude of peace and contentment and joy that can be felt by another here and now.


you said..."Can't happiness, contentment, and joy be infectious as well?"....Awhile back i read a clip from newspaper (i wish i still had it)...that said your happiness/energy effects your surrounding area like neighbors and family it even gave the percentage..on how far it reaches. I wish i still had the article but i can't save everything even though i try sometimes..

Thank you for this!
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