Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Llewtube and Carpool

Up front, I am a fan of Robert Llewellyn from Red Dwarf. I came across and his show Carpool. I urge readers of this blog to watch a few 30 minute episodes of Carpool. Mr. Llewellyn drives the guest around or to a destination and asks that guest his or viewers' questions. I've learned a great deal about electric cars and how if the US converted to electric vehicles that the country would save $500-750 billion per year in oil import costs. There's less maintenance costs, refueling costs little compared to gasoline, and the battery packs are reliable enough (at least NiMH) to last 10 years. Chevron owns the patents for NiMH batteries and is likely preventing the electric vehicle market from growing because batteries are the preferred energy storage devices. This is like the whaling industry owning the drill bit patent to prevent the oil industry from being developed.

The reason why I am endorsing the show isn't just because of the educational value, but that it's fun. Mr. Llewellyn and his guests are generally having good conversations and you can tell that both the driver and the passenger are enjoying the drive and the conversation. It's a great show with an interesting format that disarms people and puts them at ease. Some forget about the camera and others, particularly professional actors like Chris Barrie, don't. The comic and the writer interviews are especially funny.


I thought Red Dwarf was great - especially Lister's dry sense of humour.

It would be hard to drive and interview at the same time but Llew.. pulls it off.
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