Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Innovation in Space Flight

Burt Rutan's analysis of space flight.
Looks like Rutan is right. How is reversing spaceflight and relying on the Russians to get people to the ISS progress? What happened to investing in Science and Technology?


In the preface to 3001, Arthur C. Clarke said that when he was writing 2001 it seemed reasonable we might have progressed enough by the year 2001 to make the technology of that movie possible.
But then there were the Nixon-era budget cuts....

"What happened to investing in Science and Technology?"

The economy happened. Sadly.
I think NASA's unwillingness to use the proven Saturn V design doomed US manned missions. NASA, like the US DoD, is unable to make things simple or inexpensive. Years of high risk testing of the Ares would have been NASA's empire building "solution". So Obama did the responsible thing to end the racket.
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