Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Seeking What is Already There

From Daily Zen:

Each of you should individually
reduce entanglements and
not talk about judgments
of right and wrong.
All of your activities everywhere
transcend Buddhas and Masters,
the water buffalo at the foot
of the mountain is imbued
with Buddhism; but as soon
as you try to search, it's not there.
Why do you not discern this?

- Foyan (1067–1120)


Hi JB.

We have wild water buffalo's in Australia. They are the second most dangerous being after saltwater crocs. If Buddhism is a religion of peace - this makes the water buffalo an armed guardian.


The most dangerous animal in North America is a deer grazing on the side of the road who flees into the road as a car approaches. Not mountain lions, not sharks, but deer. There's a lesson in there somewhere. As regards water buffalo, that sounds like the old Jewish aphorism of "Don't approach a horse from behind, a goat from the front, or a fool from any direction."

Actually I forgot about unintentional killers. Kangaroos (like deer) by the roadside are the most dangerous animals in Australia, followed by wallabies and wombats, also by the roadside.

Roos and wallabies helpfully jump through windshields while wombats have the mass and shape of a boulder on legs - making them all lethal on roads.
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