Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jerry Randel Moore

Jerry Randel Moore died last Tuesday, December 22, 2009. He was my uncle and my Dad's younger half-brother. His obituary was written by my sister. It's a nice writeup. I think he recognized her, but it's doubtful that he recognized me or my Mom. He was unconscious at the time we visited. His death was not peaceful. He died drowning as fluids filled his lungs, with labored breathing. His kidneys were failing and he was swelling up from fluid retention. The bacterial infection in his lungs was spreading. This was on Monday. I know why he died this way, but I hope that I have a better death than he did when it's my time to go. A quick death is a blessing to the dead. A slow, lingering death is only a blessing to the family and loved ones, not the one dying. He's returned to that from whence he came.

See you around Uncle Jerry. Be in Bliss always.




That's sad John. My condolences.

Pete sympathies, John.
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