Monday, November 30, 2009

How Did We Come to This?

To what purpose do we continue to strive? Why for some, do things get harder while for others things get easier? Is it pure luck? Social beliefs would have us believe that the fortunate "earned" everything they have gained. That may be true for the many, but is it true for all? Why is there so much anguish and suffering and fear in the United States of America? We are supposed to be the greatest country on the face of the planet. We supposedly take care of everyone else, but not our own because they are shiftless, lazy, or no-good. Our leaders can't lead and our managers can't, or won't, manage except through fear - the fear of losing your job in a downturn, the fear of losing your home, the fear of starving, or watching your family starve. Will the fear become reality, or is the reality something different? What happened to hope, a good, meaningful job, peace on Earth, goodwill to your fellow Man? Granted that the whole world is never at peace at any given time, but for large swathes, there is peace and hopefully contentment, or used to be.


Why? Bush, two wars and Wall Street I'd say.
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