Thursday, November 12, 2009

Helpful Resources for Those in Debt

I did some research for Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism several weeks ago. I had hoped that she would put these links on her web site, but she's been overwhelmed with finishing her book. So here's most of what I sent her.

New York Times:
Money, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards

Federal Trade Commission:
(Knee Deep in Debt Advice article)
(Choosing a Credit Counselor)

The American Bar Associations Pro Bono Center's Law School List:
Free Legal Services by State

Other Links:
(Cut and Paste Links)
A Google search on "pro bono debt counseling" gave this result: - -Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions which is a non-profit

These two were ads from the search page and they are non-profits and community based: (Fla.)

Searching for "pro bono debt counseling clinics" (URL of search results: I got: (based in CA, NV, AZ) (law firm) (Dallas Bar Association where I live) (Brigham Young Univ. in Utah)

If you live in Georgia, this is your lucky day:

(Cut and Paste these links)
University of Georgia Law School in Athens(pro bono):

List of Non-Profits in Georgia:

Decatur, Georgia is the closest Atlanta suburb:
Consumer Credit Counseling Services -
1 W Cour Sq, Decatur - (404) 527-7630

Agnes Scott College -
141 E College Ave, Decatur - (404) 471-6000

Pro Bon attorneys:

Legal Aid by County:

Georgia State University Law School (pro bono resources):

Emory University (pro bono):

John Marshall Law School (Atlanta):

University of Georgia Law School:

Mercer University Law School:


M0ney is everything!
Oh really, flamer? The human race got along just fine without money for most of its existence. For the ultra-wealthy, it's almost meaningless because after a certain point, money just a way to keep score. But if the majority of us refused to pay our bills, the whole edifice would come crashing down and people would have to work out some other way to pay for people's labor. The system only works because we all buy into it, but as Douglas Adam's correctly pointed out, "Money is just a convenient fiction".
If you don't have it. Just like sex.

Debt advice is probably a boom industry that will make many rich.
Hi V

The posts on your blogs are mono-wordic but the music is good.
The best sex is freely given and freely taken because it is a sharing. But sex is like everything in this society, it is bought and sold. Few share their money, but many share their wealth and their natural born gifts.

Comments are also turned off on V's blog. So, he gets to give without taking. V has an interesting blog, and there's an interesting, if mysterious mind there. It's easy to despair. The human world can be cruel, depressing, or just overwhelming at times, especially if you listen to the news or favor a particular philosopher, writer, or musician. The funny thing is that almost none of it matters. The world is constantly changing. It's in flux. What matters is to find your bliss and find your own Truth. Contentment can be found only within. That might be easy to say for a Westerner. For the other two thirds of humanity, Life is a constant struggle just to survive from day to day.

It needn't be this way, but most humans who can change things are more busy satisfying their desires for power or wealth rather than spend a significant portion of their wealth to solve problems that need solving. And while I'm pointing the finger, I might as well point it at myself. I feel that I could do better at being human, if I knew what being human really was about. Mostly I want to avoid people these days. I used to find joy in learning and knowledge, but even that is fading.
I think it was John Clancy who said something like "Sex is the most generous, natural gift possible

- that money can buy" ;)
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