Thursday, October 08, 2009


The following was inspired by a Letter to a Dying Man and indirectly by George Breed over at Embodying Spirit.

You are a snowflake. Arising from nothing, perfect in form, evaporating in the bright sunshine. An endless end since you will return as a snowflake. Your essence is Stillness. It is not born and cannot die. That is the reality. What other snowflakes do, say, believe, or imagine is largely beyond your control or grasp. Snowflakes are best born and live in silence. Their silence inspires an appreciation and wonder of beauty. Snowflakes born in the fury of the blizzard inspire fear of the cold and of the elements. Each snowflake thinking itself flawed wishes to be beautiful, despite the fact that it was born beautiful, but many mistake noise, sound, and other nonsense with beauty instead of realizing that all beauty arises from silent awareness.


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