Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Gimp Tricks

The Gimp is a free photo manipulation tool as powerful as Photoshop. I just found a blurb entitled 5 Super Simple Photo Fixes with the GIMP. So, I tried one of them. I was never happy with the dark snapshot I had of that opossum I found on my landing. I had deleted that snapshot after I uploaded it here. So, I tried the GIMP level correction trick.

Here's another still taken from the Flip video mp4 footage I shot:

opossum in the dark - an original snapshot

Here's the level corrected version:

altered opossum.jpg

That's a bit better. The corrected jpeg picture is closer to the light levels I see in the actual digital movie. Uh-oh! This posting looks fine on my old Linux workstation, but on my laptop, the upper photo is fine, but the lower photo is too light. Guess I should have checked the posting on all of my systems to see if there was any difference in light levels.



Cute photo. Your opossums are not a pretty as our possums and we don't need no O ;)

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