Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Divine and the Manifest

Inspired by George Breed over at Embodying Spirit:

There is the Divine and the Manifest. People believe that they are separate, but the Manifest is a subset of the Divine, issued from the Divine, and would not exist without the Divine. So, to state that "All is Divine" is making a subtle point that Nothing exists without the Divine. Energy comes in two forms - potential and kinetic, but these are just distinctions made for the sake of convenience. The same is true of the Divine and the Manifest.

People cheapen the word Divine, but they have also cheapened the Divine itself because they don't know the Divine except in brief instances or moments when their minds let their guard down. A word is just a pointer to the larger experience or reality. The problem is mistaking the word or label for the thing itself, especially if the thing is not material like energy or Consciousness. How then would one point people to the truth or larger reality without any signs or labels to direct them to the truth? The word fire is not the thing it points to, yet everyone knows what fire is because they have experienced it. Is this true when people talk of the Divine?


This is all dangerously philosopical JB. Its forcing me to think outside my small niche n stuff :)
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