Sunday, July 12, 2009

Texas is Cooking Now!

Now we are cooking:

DFW Weather and forecast

Still not quite as hot as Australia last December, but it's not the end of July yet either. My throat and tongue are swollen from allergies due to all of the grasses dying above ground from heat stress.


Hi John

I can finally read your blog again because the kids' visit is over and they've flown back to Queensland.

Actually January/February 2009 was the hottest time where I live - in Victoria, Australia.

On 7 February it rose to 48C in my town. My eyeballs smarted from the heat. 100s of fires (40 major ones) blazed that day in Victoria and 200 people were killed. Fire services couldn't cope. I could smell smoke and hear fire engines all day.

But I know what you mean about standard summer highs. The pollen and dust cause breathing/allergy problems. If I exercise too much (inside or out) I get a cold/bronchial/ashma condition that takes weeks to shed.

Thank God for evaporative air conditioning - which works in my patch of Victoria.

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