Monday, June 01, 2009

Entering a Severe Thunderstorm Unprotected

I dreamed that I was driving into a severe thunderstorm at night on a motorcycle. If I remember the dream correctly, a black haired woman in black leather was driving the all black motorcycle (crotchrocket) and I was a passenger. We stopped for gas while all along the horizon, the sky was full of clouds and sheet lightning. It was not raining yet, but we were going into the storm. I awoke earlier than planned, and shortly afterwards, read that an Air France Airbus A330 was lost in a thunderstorm off the coast of Brazil. I don't know if my dream is personal and that it means that I will be buffeted by some sort of human storm, or a part of me knew about the Airbus crash while I was sleeping. The dream could be construed that I am being conveyed by Death to a new destination. This dream's significance will only be explained after the passage of time and with hindsight, though for now, it makes little sense and was just a dream.


Hi John

Lets hope your dream is not connected to the Air France crash.

Hard to know where dreams end and reality begins - especially in the daytime.

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