Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Dream and the Dreamer

This world is a dream. So say the sages, both present and past. I used to believe that each human was dreaming, awake and asleep. Now I understand that the entire Universe is the Dream of God. All conscious beings and this Universe we inhabit are manifestations of that sleeping Dreamer. Just as one can switch perspectives and bodies within a dream, so can God. Our dreams are just dreams by dreamers within the larger dream. All of this is Bramha, God, Yahweh, Allah, Universe, Consciousness. It doesn't matter what you name it. The name is not the thing it names. All is Divine, all is Sacred. Yet, all is ephemeral and ever changing because that is what dreams are. I hope the Divine is not having a Nightmare. If this is so, then I hope the Awakening has begun. But what is a dream? The label does it no justice either.


The Matrix is an analogy where instead of God there is a giant computer linked to the Internet thereby creating its own world.

Maybe the all powerful, all seeing Internet IS God these days.

The entire Universe may be virtual. We would only know by testing Planck Limits and constants such as the speed of light. It is analogous to running simulations of Universes in parallel on networked clusters of computers, but our simulations are quite crude by comparison. If our Universe were a virtual one, it would put anything we could conceive of computationally to shame.
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