Monday, March 30, 2009

The Curse of Cassandra

Cassandra was a cursed blind seer whose prophesies always came true. Her warnings were ignored - that was her curse. This is the shooting of the messenger because of the message. Are Paul Krugman, Yves Smith, Martin Wolf, Willem Buiter, and other dissenters the equivalents of Cassandra? Is this phenomenon common because people are in denial? I know I feel like Cassandra sometimes when I try to warn supervisors at work of dangers or issues I see developing.

Another warning from another Cassandra:

Yves Smith and Paul Krugman are writing about this article.

How Russians and their allies deal with former insiders who dissent. What's the difference between Russia and the U.S.? In America, we only assassinate the person's character.


If the methods of persuasion and disposal of Russian/Chechnya Incorporated were applied to Wall Street then the Big Apple would at least be less crowded and maanagement would by PERMANENTLY streamlined ;)
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