Monday, March 09, 2009


After I got home Saturday night from the hospital, I unwittingly parked in a reserved parking spot. This is a new thing that just was instituted around 6-8 months ago or so by the apartment management. Whoever paid for the spot called the towing company on me and had my vehicle towed. One hundred, ninety-eight dollars and 30 cents later, I got my car back. All because I parked in the wrong spot in my own apartment complex! I should turn the other cheek, but I can't help but think of scenarios that would either annoy the tow company, the apartment management, or both. It seems petty for one resident to have another resident's car towed for parking in the "wrong" spot. It would be even more petty for me to seek revenge. If the painted decal on the concrete were easier to see in the dark, this would not have happened. What's next a tax for existing or breathing?


I think this all could be happening cos Dubya's come to town.
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