Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sumatran Tigers 6 Humans 3

Sumatran tigers have killed 6 people carrying out illegal logging. The humans have killed 3 tigers. Ultimately, the tigers will lose. It would be a greater shame for the human race to kill the rest of them and destroy their habitat, but we have little appreciation for true wealth. For now, the tigers are fighting back.

Pete brought up the topic of the tiger parts trade in Sumatra as another cause of tiger decline. Between habitat loss and hunting them for medicine, tigers have little chance of survival in the wild. The demise of wilderness and all that that word encompasses will one day will be seen as a desecration and destruction of the Garden of Eden. The paradox is that it is easier to destroy than create, ravage than preserve. But economically, it is much cheaper to preserve rather than recreate those priceless things which are lost. For all we know, this stimulus plan for tigers may be more effective than Obama's plan to save the banks. Or, it may be even more futile. It depends upon people and their values.


Tigers are also poached in Southeast Asia for huge profits for the aphrodesiac properties of parts of them. I wonder if that is driving thee slaughter as well.
Indonesia has ethic Chinese, and the tiger conservations groups have been tracking the trade in tiger parts. The answer is yes according to .
Hi John

Another problem is the endemic corruption in Indonesia. Game wardens might accept bribes from poachers to turn a blind eye to poaching or even assist.

Orangatangs, also mainly in Indonesia, are poached for the illegal pet trade or burnt out by intentionally lit forest fires to clear the land for ranching.


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