Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dennis Moore Economics ( Monty Python )

The government assumes that its citizens are morons, while AIG believes that government and the citizenry are both morons. The fleecing will continue until either the government exerts its will, or the People assert their collective Will. This corporate welfare shit has to stop. Calling it lemon socialism is catchy, but it obscures which wealthy groups are being subsidized by society. Wasn't money supposed to flow from the wealthy to the less wealthy according to trickle down economics?* That's what's supposedly been happening for the last 27 years. Only during year 28 do we who are not "rich"** discover the delusion we bought into. Shouldn't they call this form of economics, Dennis Moore economics?

* I never believed in trickle down economics. But one individual's belief is nothing when the collective buys into the belief hook, line, and sinker. A successful dissenter is called a prophet. An unsuccessful dissenter is called a pariah, traitor, or heretic. An untimely death generally befalls both types in times of great turmoil.

** We will either find our true collective wealth now as a society, or we will lose it all. Individually, some will become spiritually wealthy when everything false is stripped away even if society stays mired in delusion. The only thing our global society has in abundance at this moment is fear, if we believe the media.That is a lie. The people who fear the most are those who think they have the most to lose.


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