Sunday, January 04, 2009


December of 2008 was for the most part joyous. My Uncle John and his wife, Annie, flew in to DFW International Airport on December 1,2008 around 9:30 P.M. The inital meeting was awkward at first. I walked right past both of them in the baggage area since it had been almost twenty years since I had last seen Uncle John (my Mother's youngest brother) and I had never met Annie. I walked around the baggage carousel and stood next to an older couple. The woman was sitting down and had a cane. The man was slightly balding with white hair and about 5'9" in height. I looked at the man and he looked at me and we both recognized each other at the same instant. I got them situated at a local hotel and went back to work. As soon as my "week" ended early Thursday morning, my three weeks vacation began. I drove over 3,000 miles without leaving the borders of Texas acting as guide. I helped my uncle see over 120 different birds. I learned about bird watching from him, and how to use a pair of modern binoculars. I gave Uncle John a Flip Mino HD Camcorder for his Christmas gift to use on the trip. It is smaller than a cigarette pack and produces HD (high definition) 720 p videos. The audio is superb as well. My sole regret is that I didn't bring a better camera with me. But since I was driving most of the time, a camera was more of a hindrance. I utilized the camera in my G1 phone quite a bit. The following posts will be about my journey this past month.


Hi John

You've been busy. A huge number of bird watching posts.

Yesterday we saw a majestic Australian Wedgetail Eagle (world's biggest) eating carrion by the road.

Then vast flocks of Corellas attracted by a locust plague.

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