Sunday, January 04, 2009

December 9th: leaving Corpus Christi

We stopped by the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens that morning. We saw numerous waterfowl, a Gray Flycatcher, a Red-Winged Blackbird, two Crested Caracaras in flight, Dunlin, and Curlew Sandpiper. I couldn't see the sandpiper, but then my vision sucks.

We then drove all the way to Odessa. The trip matched my mood. On Interstate 10, it got cold and rainy midway between Kerrville, TX. and Iraan, TX., where I was born. We saw many Turkey Vultures along the Edward's Plateau between San Antonio and Kerrville. The rain ended before Fort Stockton and the cold air dried the roads.


Iraan, TX is only 272 miles from Killeen, TX where I lived 1976-77! Coincidence? I think not.

I always remembered the more popular term "Turkey Buzzards".

Yeah, everytime my Uncle would spy a hawk, he'd shout out that he'd spotted a buzzard. I'd have said hawk. Everytime I spotted a vulture, I'd yell out buzzard. After a day or so of this, he went to calling hawks hawks and I called buzzards vultures to prevent any confusion. It's amazing how cultural differences, even minor ones affect communication.
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