Sunday, January 04, 2009

December 7th: Corpus Christi, TX

Raptors seen on Interstate 37 between San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

Unknown hawk between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. It's perching behavior is that of a Rough-legged Hawk, but it looks like an adult White-Tailed Hawk.

A juvenile Broad-Winged Hawk being in the moment perched on an exit sign across from a Rest Area on Interstate 37.

We saw numerous Black Vultures on the roadside. Some were feeding on roadkill. We stopped at the Hazel Bazemore State Park where State Highway 77 branches off from Interstate 37. It was a pretty park. It seems many birds stop there on their migration to and from Central and South America. We saw a Green Jay, a Belted Kingfisher, Inca Doves, a Turkey Vulture, a few small birds, and common waterfowl.

North Padre Island, Corpus Christi, TX.

Smoke from marsh grass fires obsuring the setting Sun at North Padre Island.The view is from the beach looking west towards the Sun. Our hotel is on the left in the distance.

Once we got to Corpus Christi, Texas, Uncle John and I took a stroll down the beach before dinner. We saw a Lesser Yellow-Legs rummaging at the surf's edge, White Pelicans diving for fish, a hawk checking out the marsh grass behind the beach, as well as various seagulls.

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