Sunday, January 04, 2009

December 6th: Austin, TX

Saturday, December 6, we packed up and headed south to Corpus Christi, TX. En route, we stopped in Austin, TX for the evening. My relatives wanted to see the sights. We walked along Town Lake near Interstate-35. We saw Mute Swans, various water fowl, a Downy Woodpecker, and I believe a Nashville Warbler.

Northern shore of Town Lake (Austin, TX) on jogging trail not far from I-35, looking south

That night we visited Sixth Street. Sixth Street is a shadow of what it was when I was a student at UT Austin. Businesses had closed down. Ester's Follies and the Driskill Hotel were still there. There were more older yuppie type couples roaming the streets than students which was a shame in a way. Austin's youth charged, energetic, and cheap, university-driven atmosphere has been replaced by a culture catering to couples with money to spend for the most part. Austin used to be the place to be for Texas musicians. Sixth Street has clearly suffered in some ways. After dinner, we stopped at a bar with live music for a beer.

At a Sixth Street Bar.

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