Sunday, January 04, 2009

December 4-5th: Dallas, TX

Squirrels feeding on birdseed

Thursday, December 4, was a clear, cold day. A cold front had blown through the previous night and the north wind would cut through you. The first thing we saw upon arriving was a Wild Turkey hen. It seems likely that the hen heard a recorded turkey call that's part of an exhibit for children. The kids can play various recordings of bird calls and this bird was flying by and had heard the recording and decided to investigate. She had decided to stay for the time being because the staff were providing bird seed for dove and other wild birds that inhabit the gardens. You can see squirrels feeding on some of the seed in the above Flip video my uncle made. Besides the Wild Turkey that day, I saw a Ladder-Backed Woodpecker, a House Wren, another wren we couldn't identify, a Pine Sisken, and a Blue Jay. I wasn't writing any birds down, but my uncle sure was. For the most part, I remember shivering in my clothes everytime we passed into shadow where the wind was blowing.

Friday, December 5, was a bit warmer. I took Uncle John, Annie, and my ex-wife, Mori Lou, to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibit. It was interesting to see the history of ancient Egypt and how the wealthy and powerful lived. The modern day equivalent would be to visit a Presidential museum.

Plano School Bus Parked outside of the Dallas Museum of Art. Dallas Cultural District of downtown Dallas.

At Little Elm Park, in Little Elm, TX., we saw an American Kestrel.


Nice photo of Austin lake. I always found that city and San Antonio very pretty.
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