Sunday, January 11, 2009

December 16th: Chisos Mountains and Rio Grande Village

The morning of December 16th, my uncle captured some video of a Mexican Jay and a Cactus Wren outside of our room in the Chisos Mountains.

Mexican Jay

Cactus Wren

We also saw a Black-crested Titmouse hanging around the lodgings. Before breakfast, my uncle and I checked out a trail. We saw some small wrens, a Greater Roadrunner, a White-tailed doe and her fawn. After breakfast, we headed Southeast and drove to the Rio Grande Village. It is a popular camping and boating spot along the Rio Grande River. This is video of one of the campgrounds and a view towards Boquillas Canyon. We saw flycatchers and a Golden-fronted Woodpecker at the campground.

Rio Grande Village Campground

Here's a still shot from my camera.
Rio Grande Village Campground

Here's some shots of the Rio Grande.
Looking South towards Mexico from Rio Grande Village

Looking East on American side from same location.

At the river, we saw a Black Phoebe catching flys over the river from the near bank.
We then went to Boquillas Canyon.
Rio Grande from Boquillas Canyon

Quite a day!


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