Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Suit

The Source gave us clothing made of the purest white fiber Nature can make, DNA. Our clothing is self repairing, grows or shrinks to fit our environment, and wears out gradually. We still are learning how to take care of our clothes and the clothing experts (M.D.s) are not very knowledgeable at times. There are no name brands and the clothes only come in three main colors with slight variations. Most of us mistake our birthday clothes for ourselves, especially the CPU part of the suit. Sure, the suit lets one know when there's something wrong, but we forget and take our birthday suit for granted whenever it worked perfectly. So, when someone tells you that they are going to Heaven soon and getting cloth of the purest white, kindly tell them that they are already there and that's what they are already wearing. Death is like going home after school or play, for rest and refreshment in Heaven Unmanifest. We return from that Heaven to this manifested Heaven with a new uniform or suit, but the Essence or Consciousness is the same.


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