Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Zen Masters I Know

John Swift - my Uncle, my most beloved spiritual teacher.
Jerry Workman - my High School Chemistry teacher. As beloved as Uncle John.
Julie - more Mystic than Zen master, but what's in a name?
George Breed - a modern prophet, full of Zen and fire.
Mike Powell - figured it all out on his own.
Every cat I've ever met.

Zen Masters I Don't Know Personally

Eckhart Tolle

Almost Zen Masters

Stephen Balog, Sr.
Janice Thompson (could be there already)
Stephen Balog, Jr.
Kirk Holub
Peter Coates
Martin Arreguy
Martin Gaston

The Rest of the World
Life gives everyone an opportunity to awaken to his or her fullest potential in each Lifetime. That is the meaning of insight.


Thanks John

You've encouraged me to read a little about Zen which wiki describes in part as "Zen emphasizes dharma practice and experiential wisdom—particularly as realized in the form of meditation known as zazen—in the attainment of awakening. As such, it de-emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and the study of religious texts in favor of direct, experiential realization."

Yep I'd support that - experience while having a rolling awareness of theory counts.

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