Saturday, November 08, 2008

Google Breaks G1 Phone Jailbreak

Google pushed out an update this morning. It disabled the telnetd server, so one can't start the telnetd server on the G1 wih wifi enabled and telnet to it any more. My version of Linux on my laptop and workstation doesn't seem to like the Android SDK or Eclipse for that matter. I wasted a couple of days installing and reinstalling them. I can get the Android SDK to function in a VMware Ubuntu virtual machine though. I was able to download the ARM GNU toolchain from Surprisingly, compiling a hello.cpp was very easy. Uploaded it via adb, i.e. adb push hello /data/local/hello. But, the excutable will not execute. I get a permission denied error even though the C++ program has the correct attributes set via chmod. I had already installed busybox in /data/local. So, I created a shell script that says "Hello Android!" It will not execute as well. However, ./busybox ash will display "Hello Android!" in the adb shell console, but not in the Personal Terminal application. One can execute busybox through the Personal Terminal, but there are permission issues and jails that interfere with console output. I'm kind of glad that Google shut down the telnetd server. That was a very bad oversight from a security standpoint. I wish they'd put in an openSSH server though, but it goes against their security design.

Obviously, I am still insane to spend so much time trying to get something to work. I already had it built on the virtual machine, but I wanted it to work on the host operating system. No joy. Testing on a 32-bit operating system with a slightly older distribution ( gave the same results. There's something different about Sidux.


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