Saturday, October 04, 2008

What is Significant in Life?

I'd write about something significant if I could think of anything. The cats are happy and if they are happy, I guess I should be as well. What is significant in Life? I don't really know. I suppose to be as generous as one can be to those one comes in contact with. To be kind to friends and strangers alike. To treat this planet with the respect and sacredness it deserves as our oasis in space. To be passionate about something - be it a cause, a person, an idea. Yet, be able to walk away from that passion if it becomes an obsession.


All of the things you mention John and a I think that a spiritual feeling of something greater (or higher) is important.


Yes, I overlooked or forgot to mention that aspect. Thank you for the reminder. In a sense I implied it in regards to the planet, but when I saw your comment, I could have slapped my forehead. We humans take much for granted and forget that this world and solar system seem to be special, at least for now. Until we have evidence to the contrary. I think people expect there to be myriads of planets with intelligent life out there in the Universe. But the Universe is young and we may be one of the first species to evolve some sort of rudimentary intelligence. We still have to figure a way to visit other stars, and many of them are binary and trinary star systems which make stable planetary orbits problematic. Other planets like ours may be quite rare. Rarer still may be ones with intelligent life.
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