Tuesday, October 21, 2008

T-Mobile G1 Phone

T-Mobile G1 Phone

It slices! It dices! It's sharper than a Ginsu knife! It's the first generation HTC G1 phone. UPS delivered it yesterday, the 20th. That's right, two days before the October 22nd rollout! Eat yer hearts out!

I must have been one of the original 700000 (maybe the first 50-100,000). Heck, I ordered it the very first day they announced that they were taking orders as soon as I got to work that evening. It replaces my eight year old Nokia cell phone. I'm currently trying to figure out how to upload applications and get them to work. The current SDK doesn't allow such things it seems. I was able to image the 1GB SD card from the phone via USB cable and recovered deleted pictures I had snapped with the camera. The file format on the SD card is FAT16 from what Autopsy can glean. The back comes off easily allowing the SIM card and battery to be replaced with an ease that iPhone users can only wish for. Take that iPhone! The phone was in map mode and GPS had pinpointed my apartment easily and mapped it to Google maps. The only thing I'll likely regret is when the Generation Two phones come out for Christmas.


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Hi John

That's cool! All those "buy now" suckers will just have to throw their iPhone's away. Just like they threw away their MP3s and iPods last year. Nothing like planned obselescence.

Like you John I hang onto just one phone while it still does the job. I don't buy a marginally better gizmo each year, like some.


I did some research. Google had an Android Developer Challenge and here are the winners. There are some really useful apps, though I haven't subscribed to the "Market" yet.

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