Sunday, October 26, 2008

Interspecies Altruism and Cooperation

A dog named Leo stayed in a burning house to protect four kittens in Australia. The experts will likely attribute it to pack behavior. The kittens were pack members. Leo was protecting them and ignoring his own survival. Still, one doesn't see such a rare event every day. It's as rare as killer whales working with humans to kill humpbacks. That too, happened in Australia. Perhaps Australia is special in some way.


Yep Australia is indeed special. Full of special simple people - though not clinicly so ;)

On humpback killing. The Australian whale industry finished in the late 1970s

Wasn't aware that orca's cooperated.

Meanwhile Japan continues to kill 1,000s of whales in Australia's area. The Japs use "scientific research" as an excuse while selling whalemeat for high prices in Jap supermarkets.

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