Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How Can Someone Come so Close and Get it Wrong?

I discovered Phillip K. Dick's Black Iron Prison while looking up VALIS which I haven't read. How can one come so close and see something so beautiful as a prison? Didn't the famous Earthrise photo prove that Earth is an oasis of Life in the emptiness of space? Every human being individually makes this world a Heaven or a Hell through one's actions as illustrated in this story, The Gates of Paradise. Collectively, Humanity is doing the same as well.

For this world to be a psychological paradise, all we have to do is be kinder and gentler to one another on a daily basis, treat this World and its lifeforms as a sacred gift and a privilege rather than something to be exploited economically, and listen intently to the silence within oneself. The physical planet always was and will be a Paradise for at least a billion years, or longer, if we can move the planet out into a slightly higher orbit.

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One has to be optimistic.

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