Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bat Mortality Due to Wind Farms

T. Boone Pickens is right about wind farms not being harmful to birds. But, the turbine blades kill bats in large numbers.


Wind farms are reputedly a hazard to birds here in Australia. Politicians who favor "clean energy" often don't allow wind farms in their electorates/districts due public worries about the risks to rare birds.

That's odd, because I bet there used to be lots of windmills pumping water in rural areas. They still dot the Western plains and West Texas where I grew up. I'll bet the Outback is populated with windmills where cattle need a drink and the ground water is accessible. No one got in an uproar over windmills before, but then, they don't have as large a sweep as wind turbines.

Hi John

Its seems more about broader politics - not really about birds.
The noise from wind farms (unlike windmills) is a problem which deters even the most rabid greenies from having them built near populated areas.


More like they are eyesores on the skyline as well. Typical human hypocrisy - I'm for them, but not in my backyard or neighborhood. Same argument for nuclear power - we need it, but I don't want a nuclear waste dump or reactor near my town.

Are you for or against wind farms?
Can't work it out
Dear CV,

I'm for them and latest generation nuclear. Any new, safe proven technology to lower energy costs that leaves a lower pollution footprint. Coal pollutes a lot. From excess CO2 to the tailings, coal is bad, and it makes an eyesore of the Appalachian landscape. The economics of mining make mining companies pollute with the exception of oil companies. Drilling a hole to extract oil is relatively benign compared to what mineral mining companies do to extract their ores.
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