Sunday, July 13, 2008


At Errata Security, you'll find a tip about Gmail. It turns out that you can check what IP addresses are using your Gmail account. If you can't pinpoint where you've been using Gmail, then you better change your password at a minimum.

I went to and bought two boxes of Advion(TM) bait gel for my friends' apartment. It wasn't cheap, but it's cheaper than the alternative. The stuff appears to be working. I've never seen roaches lap up a bait like honey, but a few minutes after applying the gel, that's what I saw. The bait seems to be thinning the population significantly. According to ScienceDaily, you can kill three generations of roaches in one application which is unheard of to my knowledge. As a matter of fact, I googled for "Advion" after reading the ScienceDaily article and that's how I found the online website that sells it. There's probably a cheaper retailer, but I didn't hunt around for the best deal. My friends' place is heavily infested and I've been looking for something that would clean out the critters for some time. I really dislike roaches. I do not like them at all.


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