Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stupid Moments in War

Where do you start? This should never have succeeded. Here was an opportunity that was lost. Had the Taliban failed, they would have lost more experienced fighters. Instead, they just doubled their army's size. It appears that the US and NATO are losing the initiative in Afghanistan.

Another stupid moment was the Battle of the Somme for the British. For Australians, it would likely be the Battle of Fromelles or Gallipoli.

For the Germans, it could be Dunkirk, the loss of North Africa, Stalingrad.

We Americans have lost Vietnam due to a misunderstanding. We shouldn't have gone there in the first place, but the past is done. Besides, we still have Iraq and Afghanistan to lose. Our lame duck President is spinning his version of history in Paris. I don't know whether he's sincere or cynical. More like delusional.


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