Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was darning some socks today. There were three socks that had holes in them so I decided to do something about it. I thought the hardest part was getting the needle threaded, but as I was about to start on the first one while perched on the end of the bed, I felt a tug on the thread. Bashful was tugging on my thread! I yelled, "Hey!". The next second the needle and thread were pulled from my hand and were gone. Bashful had run under the bed and the needle and thread were nowhere to be found. I searched all around the bed and under it - no thread or needle. After about 15-30 minutes, I gave up and started over. I vacuumed under and around the bed, but no thread spooled around the brushes. Either the needle and thread are in the vacuum, or they're in Bashful. I hope not the latter, otherwise there'll be a visit to the vet and another X-ray. For now, the case of the disappearing gray thread and sewing needle is unsolved.


I trust Bashful isn't in the vacuum...?
(Grin) Most cats hate vacuums due to the noise and their delicate ears. No, she left when I started that beastly machine up. I'm guessing the needle and thread are in the bag so to speak, but I searched thoroughly and never saw it. But my vision has never been good.
Try a magnet; should grab the needle.
Didn't have one at the time. Was wishing for one.
Hmmm, fridge magnets might work if they have enough strength. Maybe next time.
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