Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Like Vietnam

Moving an army of men from an affluent nation into a poor one changes the economics of the poor country, especially the economics of living around the bases where foreign troops are stationed. This effect was seen in Vietnam and it wasn't always good. The trade in endangered animal pelts is flourishing in Afghanistan. An intact snow leopard pelt goes for around $900 or more. The locals can't afford that price, but the troops can. The US Army is spreading the word not to buy such pelts. As their numbers dwindle further, the prices will go higher, but what price do you put on such a rare species of cat? Some days I don't like being a human very much.


Not good. It just occurred to me - I wonder how much the occupying army in Afghanistan are into using the local opium/heroin?

The drug apparently screwed up Russian troops when they had their 10 years stint in the country from 1979 on.


Good point. The US Army had a drug problem in Vietnam. Hopefully they licked it and know how to prevent it from happening again. However, the US Army was supposed to be expert at COIN as well due to the Indian Wars, Philippine insurrection, and Vietnam. So much for past lessons learned.

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