Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Best of Intentions?

High grain prices, the economic downturn, and the closing of slaughterhouses are leading to the slow deaths of a lot of horses.


In Australia we cull horses to prevent starvation and defoliation. We have large numbers of wild horses - called brumbies. They're cute but a pest.
The government used to cull mustangs. basically paid someone to round them up for slaughter. I suppose you could call them dogfood and glue on the hoof. It would be interesting to see what 200 or more years of wilderness has changed in the horse genome. Instead of slaughtering the wild horses, someone should be chasing them and sequencing the genomes of the fastest ones with the most endurance. I'm guessing that the thoroughbred lines are getting a bit inbred now if horse breeding has followed dog and cat breeding. Fortunately, for cats they haven't been as messed up as dogs, though give people a little time. Almost all the dog breeds today are about 100 years old with about a few exceptions I think (some Chinese breeds). Mostly the same for cats I'll bet. This is why Border Collie breeders don't want anything to do with the kennel clubs. They don't want the breed ruined by bad breeders.
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