Friday, June 20, 2008

Amur (Siberian) Tiger Cub Adopted by Dog

A dog was brought in to wet nurse an Amur tiger cub (Siberian tiger).How come Exxon Mobile isn't donating a minute percentage of their wealth to save their advertising symbol? $1million doesn't even qualify as minute when you make almost $40 billion per year in profits. One million dollars is a pathetic, practically cynical, sum for a Save the Tiger Fund. One thousandth of $36 billion is $36 million which if spent per year would save a lot of tigers by creating parks and breeding programs (creating parks and nature reserves is the most economical). Besides, ExxonMobil's advertising budget must be in the $100 millions range. But then, this is a company known for not caring about the environment. The Supreme Court will rule shortly on whether ExxonMobil should pay $2.5 billion in damages for the Prince William Sound 1989 oil spill which had been reduced from $4.5 billion in damages. Hopefully, the Justices are driving SUVs at their own expense.


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